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Remote work is reshaping San Francisco, as tech workers flee and rents fall / California

Hi, remote workers! We’ll pay you to work from Tulsa. You’re going to love it here. / Oklahoma

Zoon Garden skoolie Skoolie Living: On the Road with Author Jordan O’Donnell /

You Can Own A Texas Tiny Home On The Water For Way Less Than A Regular House / Texas

San Francisco Residents Want To Leave / California

Backyard Cottages Could Be the Most Feasible Type of Housing To Build During COVID-19 /

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25 Million Applications: The Scramble for N.Y.C. Affordable Housing / New York

Pandemic Leads To Urban Exodus As Families Turn To Self-Reliance And Off-The-Grid Living /

Paying Remote Workers to Relocate Gets a Pandemic-Era Boost /

Will COVID-19 spell the end of the co-living trend in Boston? /

One Richmond Family Rides Out The Pandemic On A Converted School Bus / Virginia

Woman using a credit card to make online purchase. When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Pay Rent With a Credit Card /

Affordable housing lotteries use Zoom video calls to host webinars. Why Housing Lotteries Turn to Facebook and Zoom During Pandemic /

Protect your home with homeowners insurance. 7 Tips for Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance /

A piggy bank and light bulb symbolize how you could save money on your electric bill. 7 Free Ways to Help You Save Money on Your Electric Bill /

Oh No! We Have Too Many Customers! /

View of downtown Seattle where Amazon will include a homeless shelter in its newest building. Amazon Builds Homeless Shelter in New Headquarters / Washington

Landlords and Tenants: Trading Places /

Minneapolis, MN: A step forward, a step back? / Minnesota

Bernie Sanders Talks Affordable Housing and a $2.5 Trillion Price Tag /

Construction Blues: Housing Supply Delayed or Decreased Due to Misuse of Environmental Regulations /

Recently hatched chicks symbolize how your nest egg could be wiped out by this Medicare myth. Don’t Let This Medicare Myth Wipe Out Your Retirement Nest Egg /

Take a closer look at this surprising housing lottery fact. 7 Surprising Facts Anyone Entering a Housing Lottery Should Know /

ICON built the first permitted 3D printed house in America in 47 hours for about $10,000. 3D Printed House: Your Guide to the Future of Affordable Housing /

Podshare: Bringing Affordable Housing to Unaffordable Locations / California

PACE is an affordable housing alternative that lets seniors age in place at home. PACE: An Affordable Housing Alternative to Nursing Home Care /

Friendly neighbors in cohousing Your Cohousing Guide: Making Friends and Saving Money in an Intentional Community /

A converted school bus is also called a skoolie. Your Guide to Living in a Converted School Bus /

A renovated zombie property might be a good option for some folks looking to find an affordable home. Would You Live in a “Zombie Property?” These Might Tempt You… /

Experts worry we could see a resurgence of zombie foreclosures if the housing market collapses. How Zombie Foreclosures Haunt Homeowners /

Yellow caution tape represents the need to be careful when selecting a home sharing agency. Warning: Be Careful Which Home Sharing Agency You Choose /

Coliving members having a good time! Coliving: Your Community in the Big City /

Win an affordable housing lottery and you'll save money on housing. Affordable Housing Lottery: 7 Tips for Winning Your New Home /

Winning a housing lottery can be well worth the time and effort. Want to Win a Housing Lottery? Check out this Q&A Guide /

What causes homelessness in Seattle? Homelessness in Seattle Caused by Drugs? Well, maybe not… / Washington

Rent control in Oregon is now the law of the land. But will tenants really benefit? Rent Control in Oregon Signed into Law—Will Renters Benefit? /

Some mansions are now cheap homes for rent in Vancouver. Mansions Now Among the Best Cheap Homes for Rent in Vancouver /

What is a Shipping Container Home? Your Question and Answer Guide… /

Irish Home Share Reality Show Gives Young People Chance to Live Rent Free /

Attention Students: 7 Ways a Senior Home Share Saves You Money /

Home Sharing: An Affordable Housing Solution for All Ages /

7 Hidden Costs of Building a Shipping Container Home /

Microsoft Affordable Housing News Roundup: Microsoft Antes Up a Half Billion Dollars for Affordable Housing /

Google reveals affordable housing plan. News Roundup: Would You Live in a Home Built by Google? /

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Kit Homes

Kit Homes give you the economy of a manufactured home combined with the flexibility of a conventionally site-built home.  Here is an example.

3d-printed Homes

3d printing is a new technology that is speeding up home construction with corresponding cost reductions.


“Skoolies” are school buses that have been converted for use as homes, and sometimes for additional purposes.  For a great example, see  Skoolie Living: On the Road with Author Jordan O’Donnell

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes exemplify the increasingly popular “Do more with less” concept.  To find one in your part of the world, check this out.

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